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Project Cohesion is an emerging, socially conscious hub of people from all walks of life who are united by their aim to inspire personal change, projects and enterprise that provide service to humanity.

We are soulfully invested in supporting humanity’s shift from competitive self-interest to open-hearted cooperation, starting with ourselves, and we recognise the importance of fostering global conversations and collaborations to make this happen.

Our aim is to inspire all of us toward a deeper level of self-awareness, personal responsibility and heart-centred world view, from which we can authentically contribute to each other and the planet.

A Message from Jo...

I've always been passionate about things that can make a difference in a highly leveraged way to our personal lives and the world at large.

7 years ago I participated in a course that the Yamagishi Community from Japan have run each year since the 1950's.

They taught us the practice of ‘Kensan’ which changed my life and my family's

life in simple, yet profound ways.

Whilst taking 5 months out on a 200 acre property in the mountains behind the Gold Coast, the idea for Project Cohesion came to me.

I had a strong impulse to gather not just my local community, but the global community and to make available the communication and collaboration practices I had learnt, enabling more cohesive relationships where more can be achieved.

As socially conscious people working toward a common goal, we can assist each other to soften our hearts and create positive ripples, as we collaborate in greater harmony within our communities, families, businesses and society at large.

These practices can be the glue that brings cohesion between us as we implement our social, ecological and economic projects, transitioning from competitive business and survival, to open-hearted cooperation in the interest of the whole body of humanity and our beautiful planet.

There are many extraordinary ideas and people around the world that can connect us all.

We're not meant to do this alone :)

Jo, Founder of Project Cohesion

More about Jo here

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