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The Practice

The power of group collaboration was honoured in most ancient cultures, where a strong focus was given to the 'space' from which communication took place.

This meant a mindful and conscious approach to communication and an awareness of contributing to the intention set by the group, rather than individual needs or reactive conversation.

The practice we use in our hubs is based on one example of this, which is ‘Kensan’, created and extensively used by the Yamagishi Communities in Japan. 

Kensan in Japanese translates as ‘study’ and the Yamagishi people use it to leverage the benefit of working together to access higher awareness and more expansion than would be possible alone.

The imagined 'centre' of the hub is where the alchemy takes place and our talents and gifts are combined so that they compliment each other.

This negates the need for polarised discussions and opinions.

Our modern twist on this practice is what we describe as 'harmony in action'.

That is to create group synergy and then use it to achieve real-world results within our personal lives, projects and businesses.

This is a simple, yet profound process and everyone can do it.

Our hope is that you will enjoy the practice and take it to other groups that you are part of, passing on the tools for more people to use.

Original Artwork
"Circle of Elders"
courtesy of Andrea Smith
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Thank you Andrea.  
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