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Joanne is a qualified Accountant, Psychosynthesis Facilitator (i.e. transpersonal counsellor) and mentor. She is happily married to an awesomely supportive man. They have 3 independent children and are newly initiated into Grandparenthood. 

Joanne was an integral member of the creation of the Silkwood Steiner School on the Gold Coast, where she later become the Principal/Administrator.

Joanne is the founder of a social enterprise organisation, where they run mentoring and education programs catering to people who are willing to create change as cutting edge socially conscious visionaries, artists, healers, activist and heart-centred entrepreneurs in the emergence of a more just, compassionate and sustainable world.

She stands firm in the vision and understanding of maintaining our autonomy and sustainability where surpluses are continually poured back into projects and people who uphold these values.

Joanne’s calling is a deep commitment to empowering people to thrive in these profoundly potent times. This calling has led her to create Project

She strives to create environments, processes and pathways of participation that naturally empower the unfolding of wo/man’s innate genius to then assist in the growth, expansion and harmonisation of their own families, community and culture.

Joanne brings a rare blend of dynamic presence, as a community leader with a big open heart and a whole systems strategic mind to the endeavours that call her into service.

Jo's Bio

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